Wednesday, September 8, 2010


24kg american kbs x 200*

*penalty for dropping kettle bell: 50 double unders

score is time and total double unders


  1. Cody in Indiana

    16:16 / 250 double unders rx'd

    Hands down, most deceiving workout to my memory. Success depended highly upon strong grip stamina and a dry kb handle. Neither of which was easy to come by, esp the grip, due to mass volume pull ups 24 hrs ago. The first 60 reps were efficient and smooth with any ease of this workout ending right there. It was a dog fight from there on, fighting for every last rep. Excellent wod Turbo.

  2. This was a gut check. My forearms were smoked. Good shit Turbo.


  3. 114#

    ***MOD 35#kb /25 double unders as penalty for setting kb down

    smoked! ... I mean... IM smoked! I didnt actually smoke before the WOD!! although about 4min into it I felt like I did! ugh!

  4. 13:54 / 250 DU’s

    A complex matter of strategy, the expeditious route to the finish relies on understanding when to quit. Over indulging in 24kg of centrifugal force only stands to castigate efforts on the rope. I’ve managed 75 consecutive swings at the aforesaid weight, 100 would’ve certainly ballooned my ubiquitous ego, but done nothing to fast track the timeline. Experience plays, the ability to identify fatigue and suspend effort prior to restricting repetitions puts you back on the bell with relative haste. Similarly, partition DU’s for efficiency, straight sets of 50 sound cool at first, but so does strapping yourself naked to a space rocket and making a lunar landing. Search for the diligent route through introspective effort.

  5. apt descriptive. Deceptive.
    As far as not dropping the KB, would the penalty include just holding the KB in an active rest position eg between the legs or balanced on one knee?